What is Podiatry?

Podiatry is a very specialized branch of medicine which deals primarily with injuries sustained in accidents of the foot, ankle and the lower extremities of the feet.
The study of Podiatry is quite extensive, because the foot, ankle and the lower extremities of our leg is vulnerable to injury due to the fact that they are the parts of our bodies which take the brunt of all the activities we indulge in.

Though this type of medicine was in existence for many millennia it was somewhere in the early part of the last century that the word “Podiatry” came to be coined in the United States of America and Australia but now used in most countries of the world.

It is today considered as a very important section of medicine and many are learning Podiatry and as qualified, trained and experienced professionals are helping many people to get back on their feet and resume their normal activities and specialized Podiatrist is one of them who is closest to you, if you are residing in Melbourne the picturesque coastal city in Victoria or in and around it.

Patients who have sustained injuries or have difficulty in walking properly due to some condition to their foot, ankle or lower extremities of their legs would need to be thoroughly examined, if required X-rays obtained and the appropriate treatment accorded if the condition is to be rectified.
Hence proper diagnosis of the condition is very important which would help immensely in providing the appropriate surgical or other treatment to be conducted, to relieve the patient from his or her predicament.

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Severe injuries sustained by a patient could be rectified by extensive surgery, and before or after it is performed the patient would need to refer to the professionals Podiatrist Mandurah for further treatment, who has the experience and the expertise to get them back on their feet.
Professionalism and the appropriate statutory registrations with the regulatory authorities have to be formally completed before anyone with the required qualifications is permitted to practice as a Podiatrist.

The Podiatry Board of Australia is the governing body for this type of medicine and whomsoever would like to practice Podiatry would need to register and obtain the appropriate license to be a Podiatrist Melbourne. Once registered and with further training, specialized professionals could conduct surgery, administer restricted Podiatry medications and even be a much sought after profession.

A local podiatrist has accomplished all the requirements and is in the forefront of providing professional Podiatry treatment to patients with very extreme defects either sustained whilst indulging in sports activities or those born with Podiatry defects.

The total weight of our body during whatever activities we are performing is taken by the foot, ankle and the lower extremities like the sole of our feet and toes.
Injuries are frequent in athletes, men and women of the defense forces and every one of us who have very active lives and those who sustain injuries in accidents whilst driving or when undertaking similar chores.

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